The Enchanted River Race

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Caldric Blackwell’s The Enchanted River Race is an adventure-filled early chapter book about a team of children who compete against other teams in a race down a magical river.

This early chapter book follows eleven-year-old Amy Lorovia who has been chosen to captain her district’s ship in her village’s enchanted river race. Amy thinks the race will be a fun romp down the river with her friends. She quickly discovers, however, the race is anything but friendly, and she finds herself facing mystical landscapes, magical obstacles, and cutthroat competition. With the help of her two best friends, Amy must rise to the occasion or risk continuing her district’s decades-long losing streak.

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“Blackwell does a great job with his first children’s offering, giving it just the right mix of morality, teamwork and adventure.” – City College Times.

“Debut children’s book author Caldric Blackwell’s adventure early chapter book, ‘The Enchanted River Race,’ begins with a bang and rockets forward until it finishes.” – Parakeet Reviews.

“Riddles, imagination and lots of twists and turns make for a very entertaining read for children of almost any age.” – Jenn’s Review Blog.