Middle Grade Author Profile on humanmade

I am delight to be featured on the front page of https://www.humanmade.net/ as the featured middle grade author profile. Human Made is a website with a ton of great content from authors representing all genres, so it’s an honor to be featured so promptly on their home page! Middle Grade Author Profiles are great ways to connect with new readers.

My newest book, THE SACRED ARTIFACT, book two in the Young Alchemist series, follows fourteen-year-old alchemy student Craig Pike and his teacher, Cornelius, on their journey to get to the bottom of a mysterious artifact. Craig and Audrey’s journey takes them to the birthplace of alchemy to seek the advice of a wise alchemist  who tells them an ancient secret that changes their entire perspective. Readers of this middle grade fantasy get to experience, alongside Craig and Audrey, dangerous lands, an intense tournament, and exciting new characters. Craig and Audrey soon find out the artifact is more powerful than anticipated, and they aren’t the only ones seeking to discover its secrets….

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