Middle Grade Book Recommendation

If you’re looking for a middle grade book recommendation, then check out my easy read fantasy novelThe Missing Alchemist. This is the first book in the easy-read fantasy series called the Young Alchemist series, The Missing Alchemist. The story is about Craig Pike a student of Cornelius, a famous alchemist. But when Cornelius is kidnapped, Craig leaves comfort behind to search for him. Craig teams up with Audrey Clife, a clever archer from a desert metropolis, and together they travel across mysterious lands and battle other-worldly creatures. Their quest reveals that Cornelius’s kidnapping is only a small part of an evil alchemist’s elaborate grab for power, and the only people standing in his way are Craig and Audrey.

Learn more about “The Missing Alchemist” here: https://caldricblackwell.com/middle-grade-novel-missing-alchemist/