Easy Reader Book | The Enchanted River Race

the enchanted river race, caldric blackwell, easy reader, easy reader book, easy reader kidsIf you’re looking for an easy reader book, check out my action-packed adventure for kids, titled The Enchanted River Race. The story follows a team of children who compete against other teams in a race down a magical river. The main character in this easy reader book is eleven-year-old Amy Lorovia who has been chosen to captain her district’s ship in her village’s annual enchanted river race. Amy imagines the race will be a relaxed, casual float down the river, but soon discovers the race is anything but friendly. Amy and her teammates find themselves facing mystical landscapes, magical obstacles, and cutthroat competition. The story is written in simple language, making it a great choice for children just getting into reading on their own. If you’d like to buy the book or learn more about it, see the links below.

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