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Author Interview About Writing Middle Grade

I recently did an interview about writing middle grade and other aspects of my new book, “The Sacred Artifact,” with the brilliant Fiona Mcvie. The interview is live now, and I am excited to hear what the readers think! This is one of the more in-depth interviews I have done about my new novel and writing career in general. We touched on the inspiration for “The Sacred Artifact,” which I think fans of the book will really enjoy. We also talked quite a bit about my path from being an avid reader as a child to majoring in English to writing middle grade novels. I even cover how my writing process has evolved since my first early chapter book, “The Enchanted River Race,” to my picture book, “The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf,” and finally what it was like writing middle grade fantasy novels.

There were also a few questions about my life outside writing, including my hobbies, such as playing guitar and gardening. We end by covering what advice I would give to new authors. This is always a tough question for me, but I think my answer accomplished what I wanted. We cover a bunch more ground in the interview, but I will let you discover it in the interview! Whether you’re a fan of my books, a fan of fiction, or are just wondering about the process of writing middle grade, you’ll enjoy this interview! The link is below. Let me know what you think!

Read my interview with Ms. Fiona Mcvie here.

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