“The Missing Alchemist”

I’ve been posting a lot about my new middle grade fantasy novel, “The Sacred Artifact,” but haven’t said much about the first book in the series, “The Missing Alchemist.” In fact, I don’t think I’ve made a single blog post about the book since the website overhaul. This post should remedy that….

“The Missing Alchemist,” book one in the Young Alchemist series, is a middle grade fantasy novel, aimed at ages 10 to 14. The book follows fourteen-year-old alchemy student Craig Pike on a mission to rescue his alchemy teacher. Having grown up in an orphanage, Craig appreciates his comfortable life as a student of Cornelius, a world-renowned alchemist. But when Cornelius is kidnapped, Craig leaves comfort behind to search for him. Craig joins forces with Audrey Clife, a clever archer, and together they travel across mysterious lands and battle otherworldly creatures. Their journey reveals that Cornelius’s kidnapping is only a small part of an evil alchemist’s elaborate grab for power, and the only people standing in his way are Craig and Audrey. The plot of “The Missing Alchemist” really lays the groundwork for the second book in the series, “The Sacred Artifact.”

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